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Can I Drink Soda with Braces On?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

If have braces you might be wondering if it is OK to drink soda.

Answer: Yes, you can drink soda with braces but you really shouldn’t. It is OK to have some occasionally but try to limit how much you consume. Drink soda as little as possible.

SO some of us love soda a lot more than others, but regardless of that, we all have been known to wash down a gulp from time to time….I used to drink 2 - 5 a day myself, even when I did have braces. Which is, I guess, kind of the reason I wish I had read this blog, read my own article here, way back in the day….to give me some wisdom and pep talk for how / if I should’ve done so. But anyways, I had braces, got through the whole process, took them off and just went with retainers at night, and have perfect teeth and no issues. I can drink whatever I want and whenever, for which I am so thankful for, at the end of the day.

But I did have to sacrifice a bit, at some point, when my dentist and orthodontist, who lived within walking distance of my home and was my dad’s good friend from child - hood, told me he needed to get serious with me : NO MORE soda for a little bit. He had found out I was still drinking some, even against his advice, because, to put it plainly, I was a soda addict. And he loved soda as well, but he sat down with me and told me how badly this was hindering my progress, so what we did was work on a “max amount” I could drink every month, which was still really, really limited but kept me from going nuts from not having at least a sip, here and there, of that delicious Coca - Cola or Sprite flavor in my mouth…and he constantly encouraged me as to making a “count - down” calendar, too, in other words rewarding myself for each day I could mark or scratch OFF the list (one day less until I would take these braces off and advance in that phase of treatment plus food or drink intakes permissible). Every time I would stick to my goal, in other words, he would give me a coupon or other nice little bonus (and I myself would also reward myself to an hour of TV with my favorite show, etc., after all my homework was done, which my parents made sure of….now, getting my kids to do the same has been a bit of a WHOLE nother battle, he he heh).

All this is to say that, depending on your severity of treatment, length of it, or process of when you got started, (in other words, how far in you are and what kind of braces you got) you may be able to drink a limited amount of soda every week or month. Ask your specialist. And I’m sure you guys like it, from time to time, when I speak in the first - person in terms of sharing my own personal story ; I hope it gets you thinking and works out as well for you as it did for me.

Efrain, out!