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Why Do Dentures Need To Be Kept In Water?

Author : Efrain S.

Monday Blog Reminder! 😁

Need a good read on a Monday, guys?

I can talk to you here if you got a minute…SINCE I’M AT IT, I might as well write about something that’s been on my mind….. dentures in water. He heh. That’s why I made this head – line, and that’s what I want to share with you today! Have you ever seriously stopped to ask yourself why dentures would be kept in water at all and what the big deal is with doing this? Perhaps you have already seen people putting their dentures in a water cup or glass, no?

So first of all, dentures need to stay properly in their water due to the simple and annoying fact that they need to retain moisture at all times, day or night ( which is why some people, or I should say most people, leave them in a cup or glass of water over – night as they sleep with their dentures out of their mouth ) . And when they are in your mouth, of course, they get proper moisture through your salival glands since you are constantly moisturizing them with your mouth, in a way ( I know…. ewww, gross, he he he he heh, but it’s the simple and true fact of the matter here, folks, and I can not deny it ) .

Now, then, when dentures dry out ( and this is to be avoided at all costs ) they not only get rough and hard to insert back in the mouth but they also lose their shape and form over time, and you will then have to pay for a new dentist visit and have some more made for you…. it takes time to find a proper molding and then order new dentures and then have them sized and fitted and ensured they are the right fit on your mouth ( upper and lower sections, of course, which can all get to be a real pain in the butt and takes up your precious time ) .

Keep a note of the fact that, if your denture so happens to have any metal attachments with it ( some do and some do not ) , it is usually ideal to keep them moist in water itself and not in a soaking solution ( as this could tarnish them and they are not designed to be soaked in that way ) . So water is your best friend, when in doubt, even if you did already buy a denture – soaking solution for over – night use.

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