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Periobrite Toothpaste

Check it out. "Periobrite Toothpaste" in Google can yield a few different results for those who search, mainly including nearly 40,000 different pages covering this brand’s products from all scopes posible. You’ll also see how popular it is as well as how many varied forms of dental items it sells, mainly in toothpastes, which we’re about to get into a little deeper right now, so do read on, faithful reader…..

The greater brand itself

The first thing any new user ought to know is that Nature’s Answer, the company behind the toothpaste and its name of Periobrite, has been proudly in existence since 1972. It’s now a global company, manufacturing to all countries, around the clock. Its HQ is currently stationed out of New York, and its President & Founder is none other than Mr. Frank D.’ Amelio, Sr. The business is likewise a licensed biopharmaceuticals expert specializing in Advanced Botanical Fingerprint Technology®.

Toothpastes offered

In addition, note that there are currently five types of toothpastes that Nature’s Answer/Periobrite offers, and they are named as follows:

The Essential Oils Peppermint Toothpaste (of 8 ounces)

Non-GMO Project Verified and ready to kick some butt in your mouth, its goal to kill off all bacteria assailants and other hidden oral villains, we first come to this amazing toothpaste. It’s made of lavender, clove, oregano, eucalyptus oil, lemon and even rosemary essential oils. It’s a must-have for the collection of anyone seeking to get over bad breath; those who use it continuously for 6-8 weeks, for instance, start to feel a change. And upon applying it on your brush and brushing for at least two minutes straight, 2-3 times a day, you will feel bacteria leaving your breath ---- and a breath mint won’t even be necessary as often as before (maybe one or two a day, but not every hour...pop one if you can.)....

The Essential Oils Vanilla Mint Toothpaste (of 8 ounces)

Did you know that, with this product (just like with the other four mentioned in this group), there’s absolutely no animal byproducts of any kind used? Now, that alone is a victory and a half, especially after giving careful thought to all the studies that have been coming out recently on the matter ---- most of them carrying negative findings toward products that use such animal ingredients. So look for this on the label when you shop next time; you’ll be surprised. And thank God Periobrite’s brand of products is one that doesn’t carry any of it…..

The PerioBrite Natural Toothpaste Cinnamint (of 4 ounces)

With this one, most users positively commented most on the “watery consistency” and taste as some of the best around. In other words, the product does not dry easily, but it easily foams in the mouth, not to mention leaving a joyous, refreshing aftertaste as the result. Think “afterparty in your mouth”, and you’ll be on the right track here. Plus, this sensational cinnamon-based toothpaste offers natural extracts from ---- as you see in the name ---- organic cinnamon. This comes from bark extracts, making it even more pure in its derived form, so give the product a chance to see if it’s right for you!

The PerioBrite Natural Toothpaste Coolmint

This one’s especially notorious (in the good way) for brightening your teeth and their overall smile, especially if you continue to use it faithfully, over time. You’ll see the results yourself, and others around you will certainly not be able to deny them with any plausible credibility either. It works! This one’s a keeper……

But furthermore here, you get a toothpaste that’s alcohol-free, fluoride-free, and preservative-free, all in all. Also, it combines natural folic acid and CoQ10. It’ll naturally moisten your gums, as well, in addition to promoting healthier, stronger gums and teeth overall. Try it today.

The Periobrite Toothpaste Wintermint (of 4 ounces)

Last BUT MOST CERTAINLY NOT LEAST ON THIS LIST, we have the Wintermint. This one is “a whole new world of its own” in so many ways, and that’s a good thing. It’s multi-purpose effective, and what does that mean?

Well, in short, it can serve many goals you may have in terms of a healthier mouth ---- gums, teeth, tongue, and all else thereby affected. Oral diseases of every form must flee at the mention of this product as it brightens your teeth naturally, soothes and refreshes internal sensitivities quickly, and even promotes long-term gum and tissue wellness as a whole. It carries multiple essential herbal oils within itself…..

Other ingredients seen and more…..

First of all, it bears well noting that these toothpastes are most well known for their amazingly keen ability to keep out plaque, tartar, gum infection, and so much more through their astounding natural ingredients alone. For instance, they are free of even the minimalist traces of fluoride, use no sodium lauryl sulfates, do not contain preservatives or artificial sweeteners of any kind, and also retain a great taste overall. Toothpastes by this name still do contain silica, xanthan gum, vegetable glycerin, silica, and xylitol as the main compounds.

Pricing and other “good stuff” to keep in mind

The cheapest version of this toothpaste now sells online for a standard retail price of appx. $4.54 per tube, which is amazing considering you can order it online (from top supplier sites like Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Target, Jet, etc.) and still save on shipping. In fact, most sites sell the product new (thank God for that; who would want used toothpaste, right???) but with shipping and handling included. So in other words, all you really have to worry about paying is the minimal base price, plus a small sales tax of no more than $3-$4, usually. That’s already a deal made in heaven for getting such a great oral care product that many have been talking only great things about.

Conclusion - You decide.

If you feel the Periobrite toothpaste is the best one for you, based on all we’ve just discussed, then give it a shot. What have you got to lose? Only you can decide if it’s worth your go…..