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How Long Does It Take To Recover from a Tooth Extraction?

Author : Efrain S.

Why a tooth extraction, in the first place?

Usually your dental expert will tell you when it is the ideal time to get a tooth extraction or when one is absolutely urgent and can not be put off any further…. especially if he or she knows what they are really talking about, of course. Considering your dentist or oral care pro IS someone of high standing, then you ought to listen to what they say and get the extraction done as soon as you possibly can, my dear friend, as time really is of the essence here. Now, a good reason that you might need to get this done, for instance, could be if you just recently had a tooth get severely damaged, per say, by means of a cavity —- and intervention is needed asap. Another good reason might be if you have a tooth that is physically beyond repair and there seems to be no possible way to put it right back together, just as it was before. And yet another good reason might be in the event that you so happen to have acquired a form of advanced gum disease, in which the gums around that tooth are no longer healthy and strong enough to support the teeth itself. These are all valid reasons.

But also, if the tooth seems to be having some trouble falling out on its very own, or it blocks any adult teeth that are in the way or about to protrude out from there, you might also need to get a tooth extraction. There is also the instance in which you can find yourself needing to make room in your mouth for an implant, an extraction, a set of dentures, or any other type of dental procedure. Or if it’s a wisdom tooth, as happens so often ( but with other types of teeth as well, just not as often as with wisdom teeth, he he he heh ) , it might just be stuck, severely infected with microbes or other bacteria, or even just in a whole heaping lot of pain.

Length of time that it can take?

If it happens to be a very basic type of extraction that you are going in for, you are usually told to relax about 48 – 72 full hours after the procedure. It will fully heal in about a month’s time. So be patient with it. But if it happens to be a more thorough surgically – intensive extraction, then you might be expected to wait for about the same time but off any strenuous physical exercise for at least a full week. How to recover afterwards?

Here’s some basic tips to get you going on: