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Want to know more?  Efferdent, a product you’ve likely seen so many times as advertised on TV, local ads and even billboard signs, is one you may want to try out: And we can read the curiosity on your face; you likely want to know more but don’t know how to express it. We feel you --- we understand, so that’s why we’re going to explain some things about the product so you can get a better understanding of it… through this article all the way to the end!

Some facts to note

So first of all, friends, Efferdent is a denture cleansing tablet that comes in quite a variety of sizes and forms, respectively. You can usually get in a small box that offers either 90, 120, 126 or even 240 tablets inside. I always buy in bulk, so as to not have to worry about re - buying soon, and get the biggest size box available….saving some money, too. But you can totally decide how you want to do it. If money is a little tight, then just get the smaller box for now and conserve those tablets wisely…..

Now how does this product work? The concept is simple and easy, and anyone can benefit from its simplicity. Plus, all it takes is a couple seconds of your time: All you do is drop your dirty dentures in a glass of water, then drop a tablet of Efferdent in there, and let it do its work over night. The product has been proven to work effectively, knocking out even 99.9% of germs and other bacteria. Pretty cool, right?

MORE facts to note

There’s four main types of Efferdent tablets you can buy:

The Efferdent Complete Clean Anti-Bacterial Denture Cleanser Tablets 

This first one we’re listing here is all about sing more OXI - action that before in previous versions, with the final goal of stopping plaque build - up and killing all bacteria with the potential to cause odors. Heck, all other types of bacteria are unwelcomed as well. But here’s what the product truly hones in on. It’s safe and approved for daily use, offering a very thorough clean, even in between dentures.

The Efferdent Plus Mint Anti-Bacterial Denture Cleanser Tablets

This one, to follow suite, is equally anti - bacterial and kills off all odor - causing bacteria. And it offers a minty fresh feel to it as well. Plus, it’s enhances that denture cleanse experience with its powerful strong - mint purification. In addition, it’ll also leave you with a fresh lasting breath after you put those dentures back on. All in all, it’s freshness and cleansing in a tablet, so what’s not to enjoy?

The Efferdent PM Overnight Anti-Bacterial Denture Cleanser

The  Efferdent® PM Overnight Anti-Bacterial Denture Cleanser, now, is one of my very favorites and remains on my dental bucket list --- in the event that I ever need to get a denture. First of all, it’s known to brighten your dentures all the while offering more whitening activators than before. It also offers deeper overnight cleaning and reduced plaque build - up, so that when you wake up the following morning, there’ll be a whole lot less of this and far less food stains or particles on your dentures. Soak your dentures in the night before, and let the tablet work its magic. 

The Efferdent Coffee & Tea Antibacterial Denture Cleanser

This last and final one we are going to talk about, none the lesser in terms of a “great denture cleanser - product”, is one to also watch for and consider getting as soon as it hits your local store shelf or online supplier. Black Friday is over, but you can still get a great price on it if you look around. So what’s so special about this denture cleanser? We’re glad you’re asking…..

First off, it this one uses the most whitening activators of all four cleansers: It employs the maximum effect overall because, when simplest put, it understands the need. We know, for instance, that coffee and tea are two of the most impacting elements that can leave permanent stains and de - whitening effects on your teeth. So for these two elements, you need something as equally potent that can whiten even the toughest after - effects imposed, and this one will get the job done! 

The denture will naturally shine brighter as well. Get the product now, especially if afternoon coffee and tea are your --- how do we say it? --- particular cup of tea!  Coffee and tea enthusiasts, you can now drink your guilty pleasure as often as you wish to, without having it affect the whiteness of your teeth or the confidence of the smile that ensues. And your denture will also thank you for it! 

Ingredient Information

Furthermore, the U.S. Dept. of Labor has noted that no hazardous ingredients have been identified in this product. That’s always good news. So it’s safe to use commercially, pretty much anywhere.

Moreover, like any traditional denture cleanser, Efferdent uses one or more of the following permitted, non - harmful ingredients:

Sodium bicarbonate - also more commonly known under the name of “baking soda”, this ingredient alkalizes the water, thus thoroughly cleaning the dentures.

Citric acid - This ingredient removes stains most effectively. Its acidic properties allow it to take a greater effect when placed in the water. 

Sodium perborate - It works in conjunction with the baking soda ingredient to hydrate the area and offer deep - purification cleansing for even tougher areas affected. 

Sodium polyphosphate - Sodium  polyphosphate is another miracle worker. It’s organic and bacteria - killing, all in one. It also kicks the OXI - cleaning aspect of things into further gear. 

Potassium monopersulfate - This cleaning and bleaching agent, EDTA - recommended, is known to work its magic every time. 

Final thoughts 

So give Efferdent a try when you get a chance. It’s an overnight tablet, mainly. But you can also drop it in some water, with your dentures, during the day, especially if you need to have your coffee or tea every day. Try it out and see…..