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Post-filling Pain - What’s Normal, What’s Not

Author : Efrain S.

The Usual Pain

In most cases, I will have you know that this sort of pain is, as a matter of fact, 100 % normal and is simply your body telling you that it is adjusting to something new that has been done there. It ought to go away in days’ time, just ever – so shortly, he heh, so do not stress out about it, in most instances. Just toughen it out for a little while, do something that takes your mind off the pain, and let life go on.

Yet on the other hand, there is a pain that is a little more than just that and may be a cause for some concern, though I do not wish to scare you at all, but just to make you aware of when you might need to head back to your faithful dentist and have him or her take yet another look….

Something a Little More ‘Out There’ and ‘Abnormal’

So when it comes down to having pain in that area when your teeth bite down, for instance, you ought to know that this is NOT usually a side effect that comes with having your cavity filled by the dentist. It is out of the usual and beyond the normal, so to speak, even though the cavity filling itself might lie as the main culprit behind some of this concern. Say, for instance, that your filling has been too high, in which case you tend to get an abnormal bite, in the end. Yet since this process or procedure has ( and you might have not taken this into account either ) actually numbed your mouth, in most cases, it’s hard to tell whether the bite is really out of the normal or ‘abnormal’ while you are still at the dentist’s. Yet keep in mind that your dentist, most of the time, can quite easily take care of the issue for you, either way, so do not worry : He or she would simply just need to drill out that excess filling so as to fully take it out of your mouth. Yes, too much filling can cause issues, but like I said, it can so easily be taken care of…. as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 for a true dental expert who knows what they’re getting into.

Also bear in mind the very fact that cracked teeth, or heck, even cracked fillings, if I were to be brutally honest with you, can also be behind the pain you feel as you bite on down. It can also be an un – named culprit. But your dental pro ought to be able to tell, for sure, if that’s the case.

IF this happens to be the issue and the under – lying cause, all in all, then you might have a new concern on your plate, which would be some very serious pain ( which tends to be very sharp and pulsating, so you will not be able to miss it, he heh, as it WILL interrupt your daily focus ) . Also, when you have such severe pain like that, it can so often be a true sign that your mouth is quite possibly in limbo ( as I like to say ) with some more serious oral health concerns and you ought not to take this lightly at all…. in fact, a closer expert evaluation will help to make you aware of what the problem really is. Do not take this for granted, my friend, but treat this potential problem as serious as you would, per say, a heart attack… because in the end, it all has to do with your better health, and it’s important.

If you want to really get serious about guarding your health, and especially orally ( as SO many new and old kinds of illnesses, or even bacteria sperms, can make their way into the rest of your body through your very mouth when you inhale or ingest or swallow, no joke ) , then you ought to get cavity fillings done from time to time. Yes, they are usually a pain to deal with and not a fun process at all, but they are helpful.

All in all, there are a whole bunch of great ways that you can ultimately keep that pain down, as much as you can, right after you have had your cavities filled ( or had any other type of dental work done, to be quite frank, for that matter ) and one of them is just to not miss a single day in your regular tooth – brushing endeavors. Don’t skip a day ( even if you have to stay at the office late, and catch up on those crazy sales deadlines, for example, bring a spare toothbrush and some toothpaste with ya’ so that you can take a couple minutes to brush here and there, he heh ) . DO NOT aggravate that area where you are feeling the pain, of course…. bad idea.

Also, after you have had those fillings done, or any other dental work, like I said, make sure NOT to eat any super – hot or super – cold foods. Heck, the same applies to drinks, here. Keep everything at normal temperature to not aggravate the areas that have just been worked on by your dental provider. Use common sense here, of course, as I know you do!

There are actually, and you may not have even known this, ha hah, a number of special toothpastes that exist for this very purpose, as a matter of fact. I’m talking about toothpastes that are made for sensitive teeth. Look into it for yourself and find a brand you really like or can get comfy with. The options out on the market are many, these days, so you’ve definitely got a good range of choices to pick from. That I love, my friends!